James Powers


Ricardo Harris-Fuentes: Empire of the Moon

In shamanism all illness is the manifestation of a spiritual wound, or energetic blockage that needs to be cleared.

Ricardo Harris-Fuentes directs the ancient belief systems of Shamanism, painting wave and pattern imagery with electrified pigments illuminated by blacklight.

Vibration, frequency, and pattern are a gateway into understanding for the wave-like basis of our existence.

A student of Native and Central American histories, Ricardo uses animal symbols and geometric motifs as guides (or lanterns) in his pilgrimage. The wolf is the pathfinder and teacher of knowledge and wisdom. Wolves face each other mirror-like – simultaneously existing in the material and spiritual worlds. The black panther is the most powerful of the animal teachers – representing the formless Void from which everything is created and the darker mysteries of the soul, the greater unknown, that await further exploration.


Ricardo lives in Los Angeles and teaches at the Santa Monica College. He studied Philosophy at Amherst College (2000) and Painting and Drawing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2010).