At Capacity

James English Leary
Christina Leung
Andrew Ross

Curated by Elizaveta Shneyderman

What do you think of cartography? Speculative cartography?
Also, how might you speculate elsewhere vulnerable or exposed, given that commerce on the high seas put ourselves on a collision course with destruction, retirement – thus, Inertia. To feel a swelling, I would have never guessed a show about prestige–

I would never tell you your new range of parameters are not scalable, either.
This is to say the speculative cartography of my own body, the delicate central nervous system into the “container”

to sabotage language.

Who will activate thoughtfully, colonize sequentially? A show, yes, concerns itself with anxiety. We’ve all heard of “the curator in distress.” Beyond the anxiety loop, what to do with all the forestalled deadlock? Which is essentially transformative of “STUFF”, right?

Under the lamplight I would drink you. But the tide is high and the water dark, so commiserating will have to do, babe. ;)